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Proper electrification, using quality materials will ensure safety and durability of any premises. Unlike traditional days, there are now many sophisticated and technically advanced electrical devices which ensures maximum protection with minimum wastage of energy and comes with an enduring lifespan. Choosing from such kind of products from the various leading brands need good guidance and knowledge-based support.

Here, at TONY ENTERPRISES, with our 20-years of in-field experience and a team of executives with up-to-date knowledge-base we can guide you through any of your electrical requirements and supply the adequate wiring accessories and protection devices for it. We are the authorized stockiest/channel partner for many leading multinationals in electrical field. With our customer-friendly and experienced team along with the support from our principle companies, we assure to provide you with the most technically advanced products with international quality standards at best affordable prices. We also maintain sufficient stock for all your immediate requirements.

And while providing all these services we will be working hard to keep our word, i.e. “the complete electric shop.”


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