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Important Things to consider while Choosing The Best Electric Wire For Home

When you decide to move your new home, you want everything to be perfect right? From the interiors to decoration and from ceiling to wiring. Everyone has a dream about constructing a perfect home however, no one is giving a proper attention to most of the key points. Have you ever thought about the role of using high quality wires to your home?, if you haven’t thought in detail then it’s high time to rethink and choose the best wires and cables to your premises.

Electrical cables are essential for maintaining the electrical circuit’s conductance at its ideal level. Additionally, the best electric wire ensures that the electrical circuits are not overheated. Every building, including homes, offices, and other settings, needs to have high-quality wiring and connections. People should understand the significance of putting good quality wires and cables at their homes considering low or poor quality cables can result in accidents and many negative effects.

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Now the market has fully flooded with thousands of brands in terms of wires and cables but some of them only meet the requirement standards. Keep the below points in your mind before choosing the wires for your home.


Quality is the most important factor and always make sure you choose the best quality wires to your home. Check with the finishing of the product, once the wire bunching has been opened, decide on the finish and check to make sure there are no loose ends.


House wiring will not benefit if the material that are used meets the standard. High-quality PVC should be used to make electrical wires and cables since it has the best conductivity. Current leakage is prevented by the wire’s high insulation resistance, oxygen content, temperature index, and dielectric strength. They are the ideal wire for homes because they are fire resistant and nearly emit no smoke.


Flexibility is the important factor, so you may get flexible wires from suppliers but most of them are not implementing it and use solid conductors. The flexible wires are simple to put in conduit and are favorable to electricians. Comparing flexible wire to conventional solid wire, more annealed conductors are present in flexible wire. As a result, it provides more flexibility and causes more small wire damage.

Wire Size

You might get perplexed regarding the precise size and gauge for house wiring when you decide to buy the best wire for your home. If you choose the wrong size wires then, they can cause electrical failures after installation. It is advisable to request the precise size and gauge of the wire from your electrician or the proprietor of the electrical store.


Insulation is merely a name for the traits or attributes present in the different kinds of wire used in household wiring. Insulation allows for the secure installation of the bare conductor. Most of the biggest producers of electric wire use insulators like non-grade PVC.

Looking for Wire or Cable for your home?

When it comes to electrical cables, safety is the top concern. Any electrical system depends on it, and if it fails, it can cause tragic consequences. They should have strong endurance and develop the habit of assuring safety in the worst-case scenario, which is a fire. Tony Enterprises is the Finolex Cable Dealers in Kochi, Kerala provides you with the high quality cables and wires to protect your premises. Contact us to get the right type of wires for your home electrical system.