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Control Gears

Control Gears

Control Gears include electrical disconnect switches, fuses, and circuit breakers that are used to manage, secure, and isolate electrical equipment. In a variety of situations, control gear offers electrical protection for both people and equipment. Motors and other electrical devices are shielded against abrupt current overloads that could harm or completely destroy equipment. Control gear also guards against short circuits brought on by insulation failure or mechanical malfunctions. Last but not least, they safeguards electric motors from abnormal circumstances like over current or overheating.

Industrial applications employ low and medium-voltage control gears to offer fundamental control functions like start/stop and ramp up to speed as well as to control and protect equipment, particularly electric motors, from surges, ground faults, and short circuits. Motor control centers often employ low and medium voltage control gear (MCC).

MCCs, on the other hand, are substantial, specially created systems with extra parts such as branch feeder devices, variable frequency motors, programmable logic controllers, AC drives, and meters. Additionally, MCCs are offered for sale as whole solutions with all parts already assembled and connected in electrical cabinets.

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