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Pop up box & Floor box

Pop up box & Floor box

The Pop-up Floor box offers a modern and elegant way to provide access to power when needed while attractively concealing electrical wiring devices in homes and businesses. It merely requires the push of a button to make the receptacle can accessible and has a fashionable metal cover that blends in neatly with the floor when not in use. When closed, the Pop-Up Floor Box gives protection from water infiltration and satisfies or exceeds the scrub water test for safety. It can be utilised to satisfy the necessary code requirements for residential and commercial applications.

Floor boxes are employed to supply devices in a room or area with power and/or data connections. Floor boxes can be retrofitted into an existing floor or incorporated in new construction and available in a number of forms and sizes. An easy and accessible way to connect and power gadgets in a room or area is through floor boxes. Changing or adding electrical devices is also made simple by floor boxes because there is no need to fiddle with wires or cords.

Romex cable is typically used to wire floor boxes. Two insulated wires and a ground wire are included in this particular type of cable. The floor box must be correctly grounded in order to use the ground wire. Additionally, floor boxes are made with a cover plate to help prevent unintentional contact with the live wires inside. Before working on wiring, turn off the circuit breaker and take all necessary safety precautions.

You can quickly connect your computers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices in your meeting rooms with flush mounting Pop-up Boxes. They are available in 3, 4, and 8 module configurations and are made with stainless steel traps and an aluminium alloy base. Your conference spaces will look better because to the ergonomic design’s extreme slimness.

We are the leading Industrial Electrical Equipment Supplier in Kochi, Kerala, and we deliver the best electrical equipment to your location. Pop-Up Floor Boxes are suitable for both commercial and residential applications. Commercial uses including cafes/restaurants, hotels, shopping centres, offices, and conference rooms can all use it. The Flooring Types support such as Tile, Stone, Wood, Laminate, Carpet, Concrete, and Vinyl.

It can also be installed in great spaces with floor-to-ceiling to ceiling windows. pop-up boxes are equipped with a Slim design for perfect integration into the floor, it has a gentle opening for improved safety and comfort. Tony Enterprises is the Legrand Authorized Dealer in Kochi, Kerala provides you the high-quality electrical equipment for the Residential & Commercial Applications.