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Wires & Cables

Wires & Cables

Every electrical system’s fundamental component is a set of electrical wires. Electrical wires are simply a collection of wires used to distribute higher power levels. Wires and electrical cable are regarded as one and the same. In actuality, they differ greatly. A cable is a collection of several wires inside a single sheathing, whereas a wire is constructed of a single electrical conductor. They both serve as electrical current carriers.

Nowadays, practically everything is powered by electricity because of the growth of technology. We require a steady, uninterrupted supply of electricity whether indoors or out, which is accomplished by employing the proper kind of wires and cables. In addition to using cables and wires to provide power to our homes and businesses, the telecom industry also uses a variety of cables to ensure uninterrupted data transmission. Tony Enterprises is the best Finolex Cable Dealers in Kochi, Kerala provides you with the high quality cables and wires to protect your premises.

The colour, label information, and applications are a few things that will influence your decision about electrical wiring. You only need the details printed on the electrical wire covering to select the ideal wire for your house. Installation calls for a specified wire size for each application, and the wire gauge determines the appropriate size for each application. The most popular wire diameters are 10, 12, and 14; the lower the wire size, the more power it can transport. A low-voltage light cable with 10 Amps, for instance, calls for 18-gauge wire, whereas service panels or subpanels with 100 Amps call for 2-gauge wire.

There are mainly 5 types of wire include such Triplex Wires, Main Feeder Wires, Panel Feed Wires, Non-Metallic Sheathed Wires, and Single Strand Wires. Different color wires serve different purposes like Black for switches or outlets, Red wire is for switch legs, Blue and Yellow: Blue for 3-4 way switch applications, and yellow for switch legs to control fan, lights, etc, Green and Bare Copper: Only for grounding, White: Always neutral.

When it comes to electrical cables, safety is the top concern. Any electrical system depends on it, and if it fails, it can cause tragic consequences. They should have strong endurance and develop the habit of assuring safety in the worst-case scenario, which is a fire. Find the top-notch cables and wires in Kochi, Kerala, which will keep you and your family secure.